Solution for a crying baby - The best pacifier clips and holders in 2019

Listening to a crying baby was a frustrating thing for parents. But it is even more frustrating if you couldn’t find their pacifier which can definitely stop their crying and comfort them, thus parent sure will consider to buying a pacifier clips or holders for their little crying one.

Pacifier clips and holder, what should I choose?

If you have budget, my suggestion is both of them! Everybody drops things, babies drop things, parents drop things, it happens almost on a daily basis. Babies drop things during their sleep, they also drop things while they’re awake. A pacifier clip is a safe alternative, but only if they’re using it under your supervision and tether or ribbon is less than seven inches long. Don’t use pacifier clips any longer than that, it could wrap around a baby's neck, strangle them and the worse it may can cause chocking hazard. While they’re sleeping, use pacifier holder instead of pacifier clips, the one with plushies is better.

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The best pacifier clips in 2019

Loulou LOLLIPOP pacifier clips

Loulou LOLLIPOP pacifier clip is designed to keep pacifiers, teething rings or toys close at hand and off the floor! Simply loop baby's pacifier or toy to one end, then use the stainless steel clip to fasten the other end to clothing, blankets, car seats, strollers or diaper bags. With a plastic insert to protect fabric, the rust-resistant stainless steel clip is coupled with food grade silicone beads for a teething-friendly design that both engages and soothes.

Why do I love it?

  • 100% food grade silicone

  • Rust-resistant stainless steel clip with plastic insert to protect fabric

  • Measures 10" long, including loop

  • Can be chilled for added relief

  • Free of BPA, PVC, phthalates, lead and cadmium

  • Safety-tested by a leading third party laboratory

  • Care: Clean with warm, soapy water

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Bella Tunno pacifier clip

Bella Tunno pacifier clip designed with all silicone beading with a stylish faux wood treatment. Bella Tunno pacifier clip doubles as a teether and sensory tool.

  • Works with all pacifiers

  • Pacifier Clip designed to stay on clothes without leaving marks

  • Beading is soft on baby's gums

  • End bead knotted for safety

  • Length: 10 inches

  • Recommended Age: 0 months+

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The best pacifier holder in 2019

Talking about pacifier holder, I definitely will go with pacifier-buddies.

Nookums paci-plushies pacifier holder

I like the the one which has built in rattle. The buddies are sized for little hands and the texture is really comforting for touch and exploration. You will love it because it's easy for baby to find at night in their crib, so they’re able to put herself back to sleep. For me, I was so happy to find something that holds different pacifiers!

Why do I love it?

  • 90% pacifier brands on the market will work with Nookums Paci-Plushies (they are the only one who can do it!!)

  • Buddies are perfect for babies little hand

  • Buddies texture really soft and comforting

  • Nookums meets or exceeds US product safety standards

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Find out more about Nookums collections  HERE

Find out more about Nookums collections HERE

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Snuggin animal pacifier holder

At first glance, Snuggin seems like a fairly simple toy, until you realize just how many common parenting dilemmas it solves. Probably my favorite feature of Snuggin is being able to attach Snuggin to things like a high chair. The internal storage Snuggin offers is great to be able to store small toys, pacifiers, or even a diaper and some snacks. Snuggin is so soft and comforting for babies that is makes a great pillow and companion for your little ones.

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Find out more about Snuggin collections HERE

Nookums paci-plushies or WubbaNub?

Speaking of pacifiers, there may be many mothers who often panic when the little one cries for losing his pacifier. You can find two similar pacifier in market, one is Nookums and the other is Wubbanub, both of them have plushies into it, make parents and kids can find pacifier easily. Then the next question is which one is suitable for my baby? Are they safe for babies? Are they a truly solution for my crying baby?

Let us tell you pros and cons between each product.

Nookums paci-plushies pros:

  1. The first pacifier holder that suits most of pacifier brands, Nuk, Avent, Chicco, Shootie, etc.

  2. The pacifier it comes with is Nookums brand. its a basic 0-6m orthodontic style.

  3. While your baby doesn’t use pacifier anymore, you can easily change pacifier with teether, but remain the plushies they loved. Ease to transition, thanks to the silicon loop.

  4. The fur is soft, the entire thing is stuffed with Polyester.

  5. All Paci-Plushies characters are machine washable.

  6. They're BPA and Phthalate free.

  7. They have 3 collection, paci-plushies buddies, paci-plushies blankies (blanket), paci-plushies shakies added feature of a soft rattle sound that stimulates and encourages self-play.

Nookums paci-plushies cons:

  1. Some buyers report that without the weighted feet, pacifier may still fall out of the baby's mouth until he/she is old enough to hold it in.

  2. Due to the ever changing market, some pacifiers might not fit the ring snuggly.

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WubbaNub pros:

  1. They’ve been in business over a decade.

  2. WubbaNub have more animals plushies to choose from, some are cuter.

  3. The weighted front feet which filled with beans help keep the pacifier in the mouth.

  4. BPA, PVC and Phthalate Free.

  5. Plushies and pacifiers are sewn together, they are undetachable.

  6. They have 2 collection, WubbaNub lovey and WubbaNub pacifier. Certain styles are cheaper than Nookums paci-plushies.

WubbaNub cons:

  1. Because the Wubbanub is attached to a Soothie pacifier, it is only recommended for 0-6 months (not for baby with teeth).

  2. Wubbanub is attached, there is no way to change out a damaged pacifier or if baby prefers a different style or brand of pacifier, or even teether.

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Like every parenting issue, there is no one right or wrong answer. It will depend on what the individual child likes. But, here to mention, have you ever read your pacifier’s welcome instruction? Probably not, I’m guessing.

Actually in every pacifier’s welcome instruction, they told parents not to user longer than 2 months. If you use WubbaNub, it means you need to change WubbaNub every 2 months, since they plushies and pacifier is undetachable. You can rip the seams on your wub and replace the soothie but it won’t be easy.

If you want to know more about Nookums, I write blog about it, just click here and enjoy the reading.

If you really interested in Nookums, even want to introduce it to your local market, kindly contact us!! We are currently looking for a distributor in Indonesia. Knock us and we will be back to you shortly.

Dear parents, please choose wisely!!
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Why Nookums? Nookums world's most famous baby pacifier

Still considering about taking Nookums as one of your brand collection? Why Nookums? Why not other pacifier brand? I can tell you Nookums is definitely world’s most famous baby pacifier, if it is not the most famous one in your country yet, then it should be! And it should be become the most famous pacifier, soon.

Nookums® Paci-Plushies® was founded in in 2007, when Stacy, a mother of four pacifier-loving babies and the founder of Nookums set out on a creative business adventure to develop and manufacture the first universal plush pacifier holder with the intention that her product could be used with a wide variety of name brand infant pacifiers such as MAM™, Avent™, Nuk™, Nuby™, Soothie™, and so on. 

Most of the pacifiers brand will work perfectly with Nookums® Paci-Plushies®. Pacifiers with a button knob are a perfect fit. Pacifiers with a ring handle attach by gently stretching the Paci-Plushies Hug Ring over the pacifier handle and onto the button knob on the pacifier shield.

Pacifiers with a tab handle, such as the Soothie® Pacifier can be attached but are more easily detachable. To attach a tab handle pacifier locate the rectangular "Soothie-Slot" on the Hug Ring and insert the Soothie Tab Handle through the Soothie Slot.

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First universal plush pacifier holder with that could be used with a wide variety of name brand infant pacifiers.

Exhausted by constantly disappearing or misplaced pacifiers? Nookums is the solution to keep your babies pacifiers in sight and close at hand at all time. All Paci-Plushies characters are machine washable and include a Nookums brand pacifier. They're BPA and Phthalate free.

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Paci-Plushies Shakies feature a soft rattle sound that stimulates and encourages self-play.

Our baby users from all over Asia, such as Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, China and Korea.

Don’t worry if your baby does not use pacifier anymore, you can replace it with teether to meet you kid’s demand. The puffy also can be used as key chain when they grow up.

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We are looking for Nookums retailers in all over Asia.

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