Congratulations to Matchstick Monkey Toy for winning Best Baby Toy 2019

Congratulations to Matchstick Monkey Toy for winning Best Baby Toy 2019!!

The Mother & Baby Awards have been running for 25 years and are the most rigorous awards in the industry. Judged by the real experts – mums just like you! - you can be assured that every product is really put through its paces and tested vigorously.

Each year, the Mother & Baby awards put the very best baby, pregnancy and new mum products on the market through their paces.

Mother & Baby army of real mum testers - 1,300 mum apply to be tester - put the products through their paces by living with them for a month before giving us their real, honest opinion. This large team of testers means you can trust the Mother & Baby Awards 100%. This way only the best gear gets awarded and you can rest assured, the products below have the real mum seal of approval.

We all know how important it is to choose products that are reliable, high-quality and good value for money, so rather than trawling the shops, have a look through these winning products here:

Gold award winner: Matchstick Monkey Teething Toy

Silver award winner: Fisher-Price 2-in-1 Sit-to-Stand Activity Centre

Bronze award winner: Tiny Love Dynamic Gymini

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Products were put through their paces over a period of six months in three different settings: at home in real-life situations, in a retail environment and online. The products submitted were assessed on quality, value for money, user-friendliness and innovation.

At a glance:

These innovative monkey teethers are ergonomically designed to reach right to the source of the teething pain with bumps on the back of the head. Teething trouble is a thing of the past with this range and these are the perfect companion for your little one to provide comfort.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

April: I would recommend the matchstick monkey - it is fun and colourful, easy to pop in the changing bag yet sturdy enough that my son can have a good chew and I don't have to worry that bits will break off. I love the little nobbly bits on the back of the head as I can pop teething gel on it and my son can chew away. It is easy to wash with warm soapy water and the colour hasn't faded at all.

How did this product make your life easier?

Philipa: This is a great toy for teething babies. Although I was initially put off by the monkey design, it has really grown on me. My baby loves it! It has a teething gel applicator which is a great addition and it can be put in the freezer to provide extra relief for a teething baby. It is easily cleaned in the dishwasher or steriliser.

Would you choose this product to win?

Jennifer: Yes definitely, if this happens to get lost I would buy another in an instant. It should win for its versatility, ease of use and clever design. It is lightweight, small, easy for baby to use and easy for parents to apply the gel to back teeth. It would also make a great gift for something a little different.

What changes would you make to this product?

Margaret: I would not change anything about this product. It is such a great teething toy. It really does give my little girl some much-needed relief. We have had some bad teething weeks and this monkey really helps. There are so many different aspects of the monkey that she can chew. The legs of the monkey are great for reaching the back teeth too. Wouldn't change a thing.

The original Matchstick Monkey Teething Toy, now sold worldwide in over 43 different countries, including Taiwan, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Japan, USA, UK, and so on. Matchstick Monkey is so successful, they not only come with teething solution, also coming with comforting organic cotton muslins and breathable blankets, plush monkey toys and gift sets.

Matchstick Monkey teether are suitable for steam and cold water sterilization, FDA approved food grade silicon, dishwasher safe and fridge friendly, BPA free, environmentally friendly. Matchstick Monkey teether can help develop motor skills from an early age.

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The best baby spoon fork in 2019

Babies need extra attention and equipment to support their growth, especially when they start to have a solid meal in their lives. Bowls, plates, spoon, and forks are a few necessary accessories to make meals easier. You get a lot of use out of these tools because your baby has to eat three meals a day plus a few snacks. Many baby spoon forks are available on the market to help your child eat alone. Confused which one to choose?

What baby feeding tools do babies need?

How to pick baby spoon fork and fork?

  • Who Will Feed Baby?

When babies begin to learn to eat by their own, generally they cannot hold the spoon and fork in the right place, that’s why baby’s dish messy and their mouth becomes dirty. Feeding spoon that serves to help you feed your little one is different from the baby spoon which designed for self-feeding. When your child starts learning to eat independently, you can choose baby spoon instead of feeding spoon.

Self-feeding spoon and fork usually have ergonomic design. Ergonomic spoons are chunkier and are shaped easier for babies to learn how to handle. It helps develop their fine motor skills.

  • Material Used to Make It

The most important feature to consider is what the spoon or fork is made of. Babies aren’t coordinated enough to use metal forks and spoons. They could hurt themselves by biting down on the metal with their gums. Softer materials are a good idea. Plastic, rubber, and even wood is good for babies.

  • Size

Baby utensils should be smaller than yours. It might look small to you, but it’s probably the right size for your little one. It should be able to fit into your baby’s mouth.

The best baby spoon fork in 2019

ChooMee FlexiDip Starter Spoon

The set comes with two spoons, and each spoon is made out of BPA-free silicone. Silicone is hygienic, dishwasher and microwave safe, BPA, PVC, lead, and phthalate free. These spoons meet and exceed all US and European testing standards.

If your baby is practicing his self-feeding skills, the ChooMee is a good transition rather than a frustrating, painful one. It lets your baby experiment and learn without frustration.

BUT, it is pricey and doesn’t work for runny foods, only suitable for purees.

Miniware Teething Spoon Cutlery Set

Each set includes two silicone spoons in different colors along with a clean carrying pouch. Ergonomically designed using super-soft silicone, Miniware spoons are comfortable for babies to bite and chew as they learn how to self-feed. Each spoon is the ideal weight, so balancing and controlling the spoon is easier. Miniware utensils are always dishwasher safe.

BUT, we think that the spoon is too deep and too big for my child’s mouth.


Grabease first self-feeding utensils

Each set includes a spoon and a fork along with a clean carrying pouch. Grabease are the first ergonomic safe self feeding utensils recommended by Occupational Therapists. The patented choke protection barrier prevents your little one from sticking the utensils too far into their mouths and gagging. The ergonomic handle is designed specifically for a babies natural hand grasp. Continued use improves fine motor skills and strengthens the pincer grasp. Mealtime should be fun not frustrating grab Grabease!

It’s a great starter spoon for your baby. BUT, it’s quite pricey and the spoon is too flat.

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Nuby iMonster Spoon and Fork Set

It has unique colors and funny shapes that look like toys, so this product is suitable for eating while playing. Make eating activities easier by playing with this product. Come along with storage pouch. BPA free and designed to be easily held and used by both left and right hands. This baby spoon fork is suitable for children aged 12 months and above, who have not been able to determine the dominant hand so that your baby can start learning to determine their dominant hand.

BUT, the chunky handle a bit hard for baby little hand to hold, and the fork is too round make it hard to stab on food.

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Olababy Silicone Spoon Teether

Olababy uses food-grade silicone, so you can toss them in the dishwasher once your baby is done eating dinner. While the design might look strange. The soft material makes a great teether, and the flexible tip won’t hurt child’s mouth. You can stand up the spoon on its base – isn’t that so cool? The purpose is for added hygiene. You don’t have to lay the spoon down on a restaurant table.Best of all, this spoon is toxin free, BPA, latex, and phthalate free!

BUT, it is expensive and I don’t know why but it has a strange odor at first.


Baby utensils are usable for years to come, and the right ones can be passed down through multiple children. It’s a good idea to invest in nice ones for home and some cheaper ones for the diaper bag. It’s easy to lose them at restaurant or at a relative’s house. Having a few sets is wise.

9 Modern moms must have items

Being a mother in this modern era is not easy. The challenge is far more complex than being a mom 10 or 20 years ago. Beside this, modern mom also must be able to manage time and of course must able to manage financial. You may heard people around you keep telling that you need a stroller, a teether, a sterilization - but with so many options out there, how do you know what kind to get? Here, we give you the inside scoop on the real mom must have items.

Modern moms must have items

Stroller and car seat

What they don’t tell you: Definitely get the travel system and you need 2.

Yes, this will be the TOP of my list. Why? Because you will need this one in order to leave the hospital! So, assuming you want to go home with your baby, be prepared with a carseat. With a travel system, you’ll be able to slide baby’s car seat out of its base and stealthily snap it in place on your stroller in a matter of minutes.

We know what you’re thinking: Two strollers? But hear us out. You won’t always want to push around a heavy stroller everywhere you go. Having a lightweight and easily collapsible option on hand will be a lifesaver.

Baby blankets

What they don’t tell you: Choose swaddle blankets, they are easier than others for swaddling baby.

The swaddle blanket, comforting babies everywhere for centuries. By wrapping up baby, you’ll not only help her self-soothe, but also ease her off to sleep faster, since being swaddled will remind them of their days back in the womb. But you’ll need a swaddle blanket that you can easily wrap baby in. You don’t want to spend an hour (or more) trying to get a good wrap, only to have it kicked off in a matter of seconds.

Try this one: LOULOU Lollipop swaddle blanket


Baby carrier

What they don’t tell you: Try it on before you buy it.

Walking around will become much easier with a baby carrier that’s actually comfortable to wear. You’ll want to look for one that has easily adjustable straps on your shoulders and hips so you can evenly distribute the weight that will save you from back pain.

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Breast pump

What they don’t tell you: Invest a good one, look for portability and durability.

Attaching suction cups to your boobs won’t ever feel normal, but if you plan on nursing, then chances are you’ll want a reliable pump. And if you’re heading back to work or find yourself always on-the-go, you’ll want to invest in a sturdy, daily-use pump that can stand the test of time.

Try this one: Medela breast pump


Feeding essentials

What they don’t tell you: Choose venting system which can help reduce gas issues.

How can you forget to talk about milk while talking about caring for your little one. Although at this time many milk bottles are being on the market, choose wisely, don’t choose those which will make your little one feel uncomfortable or even will make them colic.

Try this one: Comotomo


Diaper bag

What they don’t tell you: Get one you don’t mind calling your purse.

As long as it’s got tons of pocket space and a washable matte finish, and easily attaches to your stroller, you’ll be good to go. We found one that even has a front wipe pouch for super easy access.

Teething toy

What they don’t tell you: Get this very specific one called Matchstick Monkey.

There will come a time when you’ll do just about anything to make baby's teething pain go away. Let us introduce you to the miraculous healing powers of Matchstick Monkey, the cute monkey teether. Made of FDA approved food grade silicone, offers refreshing relief in an eye-catching format. Perfect for small hands looking for something to hold with ease. But why does baby love it so much? Whatever the reason, one thing’s clear: they have miraculous ability to keep baby happy and silent.

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Breastfeeding pillow

What they don’t tell you: You need one for travel.

You’ll come to rely on this thing to keep you from straining your back while breastfeeding. Get a nursing pillow that’s compact and easy to carry around, especially if you want to travel with your baby.

Baby toys

What they don’t tell you: Buy a toy that can be used not only as a toy.

Baby toys are a good distraction and yes, we all know raising a baby would need lots of money, that is why choose your baby’s toys wisely, the longer time they played with it, the more worth it will be.

Try this one: Dena toys


Always remember – everyone’s experience is different. So, don’t feel compelled to adopt our exact recommendations. This is what worked well for us. But do consider the essential categories we mentioned, and you’ll be more than prepared for your baby!

Take a deep breath. It’s all going to be great!