Knowing more about Loulou LOLLIPOP teether, swaddle, blanket, bibs, and towel

Speaking of Loulou LOLLIPOP, if you are our long-time followers you must know that we love this brand so much! Not only because Loulou LOLLIPOP cute design but also their other details, let say the material Loulou LOLLIPOP use, how they managed all the hand made procedure, and a lot more reasons that will make you suddenly falling in love with Loulou LOLLIPOP every product line, from teether to muslin blankets.

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Loulou LOLLIPOP is a Canadian company run and founded by twin sisters Eleanor and Angel. I love Loulou LOLLIPOP because of their extra special in both design and function. They constantly experimenting with fun, innovative ways to make our goods refreshingly new as they stand the test of time. All of Loulou LOLLIPOP products, from silicone teething jewelry to muslin blankets, are ASTM, CPSC and CPSIA compliant to meet local and international safety standards.

Loulou LOLLIPOP teether and pacifier clip

I love not only how cute their teether is, love the pastel pink color and the cotton candy pacifier clip. The silicone is smooth and will be great for my baby to teeth on along with the rubber beads. My favorite Loulou LOLLIPOP teether design in definitely go to Taro Bubble Tea Silicone Teether and Pink Unicorn Donut Silicone Teether. Cute, right?

Loulou LOLLIPOP muslin swaddle

Loved this at first sight. Why I love it so much? It is SUPER CUTE AND SUPER SOFT! I looooooove it and I know my baby will, too! Very high quality, thick but not too thick, and soft. Although you may can find another more friendly price but frankly saying this worth every penny. My favorite one is Sushi and city editions, I hope they can have Bubble Milk Tea swaddle.

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Another genius function for Loulou LOLLIPOP swaddle.

Another genius function for Loulou LOLLIPOP swaddle.

Loulou LOLLIPOP bibs set

Calling all on-trend babies! Include two muslin bibs which is really soft and made from breathable fabric (70% rayon from bamboo; 30% cotton). Neck irritation? Don’t worry, it has soft panel to eliminate neck irritation also adjustable with three nickel-free snaps. Wide range for suitable age of baby from 3 months to 36 months.

Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 3.10.33 PM.png

Loulou LOLLIPOP quilt blanket

Made with ultra-soft fabric, our muslin quilt offers four layers of coziness to lull baby into relaxation mode. Plus it’s generously sized to grow with baby through the toddler years. The blanket they’ll always reach for! It has four-layer muslin quilt, made from soft and breathable fabric, and gentle on baby’s delicate skin. Sorry that I keep saying it but I love it!

If you are like me, afraid of stains, I am for sure will suggest you to have the Planets edition, it is black yet stylish and still colorful. You must be confused with my description, how can be black but colorful at the same time? Loulou LOLLIPOP can do it.

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Muslin quilt packaging

Muslin quilt packaging

Loulou LOLLIPOP hooded towel set

This towel set made with buttery soft fabric and lined with ultra-absorbent terrycloth from bamboo, our muslin hooded towel set is a comfy way to kick off your little one’s bedtime routine. The generously sized towel keeps heads and hands warm thanks to the hood and pockets, while the matching washcloth is gentle on baby’s delicate skin. Perfect for the beach and pool, too!

Eleanor and Angel are believe the early days of newborn-hood—with all its challenges and charms—are an especially important time for you to feel connected to your personal sense of style. By combining a timeless, feel-good aesthetic, memorable pops of color, and an uncompromising commitment to the safest, highest quality materials, LouLou LOLLIPOP always willing to try new things in pursuit of better, cuter, and safer products. Yups, I love every products of Loulou LOLLIPOP.

Hooded towel set packaging

Hooded towel set packaging

Washcloth set (3 pax) packaging

Washcloth set (3 pax) packaging

How lovely their packaging are, it is so nice to be a baby shower gifts yet very useful.

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Wooden teether, natural fabrics, or silicone teether?

Raised your hand if you have tried to bite your baby teether? Have you ever try wooden teether? How was it? I have tried both silicone and wooden, I prefer chewing my bubble gum, but the feeling of biting teether was not that bad and weird.

Frankly saying, I like silicone teether better than wooden, but this is my personal opinion apart from what best for my baby. Silicone teether is way cuter than wooden one, colorful and attractive. We all knew choosing a teether for your little one’s aching gums could be so complicated.

A teether is an object which when chewed by the babies give relieve to their sore gums. The teethers are available having the different bases such as wooden, BPA-free plastic, natural rubber, and silicone.

Below content is quoted from QParent blog post.

You’ll definitely want to avoid any silicone teether that contain BPA, PVC, or phthalates.

  • BPA or bisphenol-A is a plastics chemical that mimics estrogen and disrupts the body’s hormonal systems. It’s particularly harmful for pregnant women, babies, and young kids. Though most regulatory bodies, including the FDA, will tell you BPA is safe in the small quantities that appear in plastic products, many companies have chosen to produce and market BPA-free plastics. Excellent! Except for one small detail: Many companies simply replace BPA with BPS — bisphenol-S — which is just as toxic, if not more toxic, than BPA. Bottom line? Just because a product is touted as BPA-free doesn’t mean it’s safe.

  • PVC or polyvinyl chloride is the third most common plastic in the world — and also the most toxic. It’s bad stuff, and you definitely don’t want it in something your kids will put in their mouths.

  • Phthalates are chemicals added to plastics to make them soft and supple. (PVC is actually hard and brittle so to make something like a squeezy toy requires the addition of phthalates.) Phthalates don’t bond to plastic, though, so they leach out over time. Babies who suck on teethers containing phthalates will be ingesting a known carcinogen. Baby Center has an excellent list of phthalate names so you can check labels.

Wooden teether and natural fabrics are in!

If you’re super-concerned about plastics or your baby’s reactions to rubber, then wood and fabric teething toys are the ones for you. There are plenty of good ones to choose from. The teether made by using wood are safer because of having natural, chemical and plastic free features.

So, here are what I can recommend to you - trust me, I’ve try to chew them, but nothing happened, they just so durable.

Silicone teether that NOT contain BPA, PVC, or phthalates

Hashtag Kidz - all-in-one teether

Hashtag Kidz founder is a former Montessori educator and mother, is passionate about creating products that are safe for the earth and Hashtag Kidz customers. She knows the importance of using safe, natural products in the home, so they’re work hard to ensure that each Hashtag Kidz product is friendly to the planet and to our sweet baby, too. Hashtag Kidz only use materials that are 100% safe and free of any harmful toxins.

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Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 5.30.07 PM.png

Loulou LOLLIPOP - fun-loving, distinctive teether

Their founder, Eleanor and Angel believe the early days of newborn-hood — with all its challenges and charms—are an especially important time for you to feel connected to your personal sense of style. By combining a timeless, feel-good aesthetic, memorable pops of color, and an uncompromising commitment to the safest, highest quality materials, LouLou LOLLIPOP is redefining baby goods. We're fearless pioneers, always willing to try new things in pursuit of better, cuter, and safer products.

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Matchstick Monkey - innovative teether

Matchstick Monkey understands that every moment matters when it comes to your baby and that is the same for every parent in everywhere around the world.  We believe design and safety are imperative for little ones, so you can rest assured that our products are made to the highest standards. Perfect for small hands looking for something to hold with ease.

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Wooden teether

Loulou LOLLIPOP wooden teether

Available in a variety of modern colors, our silicone and wooden baby teethers offer two different soothing textures for sore gums—including pliable, food grade silicone beads and gnaw-able beech wood. Let's soothe and shake!

Natural fabrics

Matchstick Monkey muslin

The 100% luxury organic cotton muslins have a BPA free chewable silicone teething label, helping to keep your little one calm at all times.

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For those who are located in Taiwan and Vietnam, if you are would like to purchase it, we have distributor in those two countries. While we still trying our best to look for Singapore distributor.

For Loulou LOLLIPOP, they are available in Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, and Philippines. And we are looking for distribution in Malaysia and Indonesia.

10 Milestones in first year of baby’s life

Many important developmental stages have been achieved by babies in first year of their life. Babies throughout the world have the same stages of development, but they may experience it at a different time. So, what kind of abilities that will they develop from the age of 0-12 months?

1. Smile

After two months of staying up and crying, at around 2 months baby finally able to smile at you. When hearing familiar voice of their Mommy and Daddy or when you tell them your jokes, they will response you by smiling.

2. Laugh

If you are getting bored with the baby's cry, be patient a little because at the age of 4 months, the little one will make another sound, they start to laugh! When you play "peek-a-boo", tickling or putting on a funny face, then come great laughter.

3. Sleep well throughout the night

Their ability to sleep well throughout the night may be a baby milestone that many new parents await. Normally, babies can sleep calm overnight at 4-6 months of age. Please be patient, parents!

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4. Sit alone

At the end of the fifth month, usually baby is able to sit with help, either by leaning on a pillow or holding it with his own hands. The little one is usually only able to rise from sleep and sit alone at the age of 7 months.

5. Crawling

Stepping on the age of 7 months is your busy period as a parent because you have to keep an eye on your little one who has started to actively move. At the age of 8 months the baby has developed his ability to crawl with his feet and hands, although there are also babies who crawl using the stomach or not crawling at all.

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6. Waving

His ability to wave his hands is very important in his growth development milestones, because this is the actual expression of language. At the age of 9 months babies usually begin to find a connection between sound, gestures and meaning. They understand that when somebody waving their hand is related to the word "bye-bye".

7. Eat with fingers

At the age of 9-12 months, babies have developed good control of their hands and fingers so they will begin to pick up various small objects. At this age they also like to explore taste and texture, so that everything they hold will also be tried by their tongue. Because of that, watch everything that goes into his mouth.

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8. Stand up

At the age of 12 months most babies can stand alone without help. They also began to dare to step even while holding onto the wall or furniture. A few weeks or months before they are able to walk alone, the baby will spend a lot of time "creeping".

9. Walk

This is a milestone that most parents take memories by recording it, usually you can predict when baby will walk by paying attention to their ability to “creeping”. But not all babies can walk before their first birthday, the normal range is between 9-17 months.

10. Talk

"Mommy", "Daddy", are a sentence that their might say first clearly. At the age of a year, babies are generally being able to say at least one word clearly and actively mimic various sounds.

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A child must know that he is a miracle, that since the beginning of the world there hasn’t been, and until the end of the world there will not be, another child like him.
— Pablo Casals