Congratulations to MOLUK Oibo and Nigi, Nagi & Nogi win Spiel Gut Award

Congratulations to MOLUK Oibo and Nigi, Nagi & Nogi win Spiel Gut Award!!

A game is one of the tools that can be used as a way to transform knowledge to children. therefore, when a child is playing, this means that it is not only playing game that can entertain or carry out meaningful joyful activities, but more than that, a game that is played by anyone will have an educational meaning, even if the person who is doing it is not aware of it.

We are excited to announce that one of our carried brand, MOLUK has won Spiel Gut. Oibo, as well as the Nigi, Nagi & Nogi teething rings, have been awarded the 'spiel gut' seal of approval. The non-profit organization was founded over 60 years ago to promote toys with exceptional play value. To date, 13 different MOLUK toys have received the coveted distinction.

What does Spiel Gut mean?

Spiel Gut means good toys. Since 1954, educationalists, psychologists, doctors, technicians, experts in design, chemistry, electronics ... and parents - scientific and practical people - have been examining and assessing toys - from babies' rattles to material for experimenting.

They work on an honorary basis and are independent of the toy industry and retailers. Their spiel gut recommendation signifies that this toy has been tested with children and examined by experts with a positive result.

Their criteria: play value, material, workmanship, construction, durability, safety, design, size, quantity, quality of the instructions for playing or making, suitability for the appropriate age group.

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Play + toys as educational aids?

Playing always entails learning, not by means of teaching, but on the basis of personal experience - the most effective form of learning in childhood.

Physical and mental agility, social behaviour, imagination, logical thinking, planned action, powers of concentration, stamina, joy at being active and a great deal more besides, can be developed by playing, and the benefits can be seen for the rest of the child's life - at work and during leisure activities, as well as in a wide variety of other situations.

Learning to play?

But playing too has to be learned. The readiness to play, which every healthy child has by its very nature, can only develop into the ability to play with careful assistance, stimulation and encouragement. Good toys can also help in this, but only if the abilities and interests of the child are taken into consideration when choosing a toy.

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What makes Oibo so special?

Oibo is an elastic, stackable, rollable, squeezable, easy-to-grip sensory toy for babies and kids of all ages. Oibo’s geometry merges a sphere with a cube - combining the action and fun of a ball with the educational benefits of building blocks.

Like all MOLUK toys, Oibo grows with the child. It shines as an elegant grasping and teething toy for the baby. Toddlers will enjoy how Oibo bounces and rolls. Its soft material is perfect for first throwing and catching games. By stacking and aligning the pieces, kids learn about geometry while training hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Oibo collapses when you accidentally step on it and pops right back into shape.

Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 3.45.31 PM.png

Watch it, you will falling in love with Oibo!!

What makes Nigi, Nagi & Nogi so special?

Nigi, Nagi & Nogi are soothing your baby’s sore gums without being an eyesore. Made of 100% food-grade silicone rubber, MOLUK’s new teething rings are easy for small hands to hold and offer essential tactile and visual stimulation. They remain interesting as multi-sensory fidget toys when the child grows older and work together with the other parts of the MOLUK family for years of open-ended, child-directed play.

Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 3.45.53 PM.png

Watch more about Nigi, Nagi, Nogi.

MOLUK now available in many countries, if you would like purchase it or interested in being our reseller, especially in Taiwan, leave us a message, we will back to you very soon!

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Wooden teether, natural fabrics, or silicone teether?

Raised your hand if you have tried to bite your baby teether? Have you ever try wooden teether? How was it? I have tried both silicone and wooden, I prefer chewing my bubble gum, but the feeling of biting teether was not that bad and weird.

Frankly saying, I like silicone teether better than wooden, but this is my personal opinion apart from what best for my baby. Silicone teether is way cuter than wooden one, colorful and attractive. We all knew choosing a teether for your little one’s aching gums could be so complicated.

A teether is an object which when chewed by the babies give relieve to their sore gums. The teethers are available having the different bases such as wooden, BPA-free plastic, natural rubber, and silicone.

Below content is quoted from QParent blog post.

You’ll definitely want to avoid any silicone teether that contain BPA, PVC, or phthalates.

  • BPA or bisphenol-A is a plastics chemical that mimics estrogen and disrupts the body’s hormonal systems. It’s particularly harmful for pregnant women, babies, and young kids. Though most regulatory bodies, including the FDA, will tell you BPA is safe in the small quantities that appear in plastic products, many companies have chosen to produce and market BPA-free plastics. Excellent! Except for one small detail: Many companies simply replace BPA with BPS — bisphenol-S — which is just as toxic, if not more toxic, than BPA. Bottom line? Just because a product is touted as BPA-free doesn’t mean it’s safe.

  • PVC or polyvinyl chloride is the third most common plastic in the world — and also the most toxic. It’s bad stuff, and you definitely don’t want it in something your kids will put in their mouths.

  • Phthalates are chemicals added to plastics to make them soft and supple. (PVC is actually hard and brittle so to make something like a squeezy toy requires the addition of phthalates.) Phthalates don’t bond to plastic, though, so they leach out over time. Babies who suck on teethers containing phthalates will be ingesting a known carcinogen. Baby Center has an excellent list of phthalate names so you can check labels.

Wooden teether and natural fabrics are in!

If you’re super-concerned about plastics or your baby’s reactions to rubber, then wood and fabric teething toys are the ones for you. There are plenty of good ones to choose from. The teether made by using wood are safer because of having natural, chemical and plastic free features.

So, here are what I can recommend to you - trust me, I’ve try to chew them, but nothing happened, they just so durable.

Silicone teether that NOT contain BPA, PVC, or phthalates

Hashtag Kidz - all-in-one teether

Hashtag Kidz founder is a former Montessori educator and mother, is passionate about creating products that are safe for the earth and Hashtag Kidz customers. She knows the importance of using safe, natural products in the home, so they’re work hard to ensure that each Hashtag Kidz product is friendly to the planet and to our sweet baby, too. Hashtag Kidz only use materials that are 100% safe and free of any harmful toxins.

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Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 5.30.07 PM.png

Loulou LOLLIPOP - fun-loving, distinctive teether

Their founder, Eleanor and Angel believe the early days of newborn-hood — with all its challenges and charms—are an especially important time for you to feel connected to your personal sense of style. By combining a timeless, feel-good aesthetic, memorable pops of color, and an uncompromising commitment to the safest, highest quality materials, LouLou LOLLIPOP is redefining baby goods. We're fearless pioneers, always willing to try new things in pursuit of better, cuter, and safer products.

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Matchstick Monkey - innovative teether

Matchstick Monkey understands that every moment matters when it comes to your baby and that is the same for every parent in everywhere around the world.  We believe design and safety are imperative for little ones, so you can rest assured that our products are made to the highest standards. Perfect for small hands looking for something to hold with ease.

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Wooden teether

Loulou LOLLIPOP wooden teether

Available in a variety of modern colors, our silicone and wooden baby teethers offer two different soothing textures for sore gums—including pliable, food grade silicone beads and gnaw-able beech wood. Let's soothe and shake!

Natural fabrics

Matchstick Monkey muslin

The 100% luxury organic cotton muslins have a BPA free chewable silicone teething label, helping to keep your little one calm at all times.

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For those who are located in Taiwan and Vietnam, if you are would like to purchase it, we have distributor in those two countries. While we still trying our best to look for Singapore distributor.

For Loulou LOLLIPOP, they are available in Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, and Philippines. And we are looking for distribution in Malaysia and Indonesia.