How to choose a perfect teether for my baby?

Baby has a tendency to put anything in their mouth, usually this phase will begin when baby are 4-5 months old - usually called oral phase. In order for children not to enter things carelessly, you can give the teether a bite. Giving a teether not only stimulates the baby's teeth growth, but also overcomes the itching that disturbs the area of the gum.

How to choose a teether that is perfect for my baby?

Good quality teething toys will be durable, BPA-free, easy for your baby to hold on their own, and safe to chew on. Teether also shouldn’t have any hard edges. Some teether are designed for pain relief and play!

Teether is a toy that commonly used to stimulate the growth of baby teeth at the age of 5-6 months and above. Biting teether gives comfort feeling to the baby. Teether generally made from silicon and shaped slim so it is easily bitten by a baby. Before buying a teether, you should consider the following tips:

  1. Make sure the materials are soft and toxic free.

Choose a teether made from BPA free, PVC free dan phthalates free material. Choose a soft teether that is quite chewy. BPA or bisphenol-A is a plastic chemical that is harmful to the body's hormonal system. This is very dangerous for pregnant women, babies and children. Make sure the teether you choose includes the words BPA free in the packaging. Teether is usually made of plastic that is safe for the baby's mouth and has an attractive shape so the baby wants to hold it.

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Choose teether that suitable for your baby’s age.

  • Stage 1 teether for infants aged about 4 months, teether function to stimulate dental growth.

  • Stage 2 teether for babies around 6 months old, the shape of the teether is denser, its function is to stimulate the next tooth growth.

  • Stage 3 teether usually used for babies who already have 2 teeth or more, the teether is denser, but soft when bitten, the texture is more rough, there is even a wavy, teether function at this stage to stimulate further tooth growth.

  • Stage 4 teether is a teether with a texture that is more coarse and varied. This teether is used by babies whose biting ability is getting stronger, because they already have several teeth. In addition to stimulating tooth growth, teether can also trains their motor movements to chew.

Teether also has stages that are suitable to the baby's condition. For babies who have not yet grown teeth, choose smaller and softer teether, don’t choose a teether with rough texture. While teether for 6 month old babies usually has a rougher texture to stimulate tooth growth, such as wood.

Choose a strong teether and easy to wash teether.

When buying a teether, try to hold the teether and then stretch it. Teether should made from strong material, so it doesn’t easy to destroy by baby’s teeth or their magical hand. If the teether was easy to torn, of course it would be easily swallowed by baby, which is very dangerous. Also, make it a habit to wash teether after being used by baby. Wash with hot waters, and sterilize as you clean and sterilize milk bottles and baby pacifiers. Use teether that have Biocote® Antimicrobial technology, it could makes your teether more hygienically clean and reduces the potential of cross-contamination.

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Choose the teether that is easy to hold.

Teether have a very large variations and this can attracts baby. But, make sure teether shape is easy to hold. Teether size must match the size of baby's mouth, not too big or too small. If it is too small, it is certainly at risk of being swallowed and will make the baby bite his own hand, while it it was too large ti will hurt baby’s mouth. Pay attention while your baby use it.

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So, have you decided to buy which teether?