Does baby really need pacifier?

Every parents have their own perspective about pacifier, some said it is necessary for babies and they said pacifier can help soothe babies. Some said it may cause nipple confusion, or even cause a mother’s milk supply to drop because the baby is sucking at the breast less, then may would harm their teeth development.

Does baby really need pacifier?

Some babies able to soothe themselves, some need pacifier to help them feel calm. Most babies have a strong sucking reflex. Some babies even suck their thumbs or fingers before they're born.

The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that parents need to wait until your baby is breastfeeding well and your milk supply is established in order to prevent nipple confusion, your baby’s 1 month birthday should be about right. If your baby is nursing well, gaining weight, and has a routine feeding schedule, you can start earlier. Give baby the pacifier after their regular feedings to make sure they gets all the nourishment they needs.

The benefits of using a soother

Research by the American Academy of Pediatrics shows giving infants a pacifier at night helps reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). “While it’s not as significant as sleeping position or avoiding blankets, some studies show that sucking on a soother does help prevent SIDS,” says Saunders. It even helps if your baby spits it out as soon as she falls asleep. The only time pacifiers should be restricted is if a child is prone to ear infections. “Sucking on a soother may make it difficult for the ear tubes to drain properly,” says Saunders.

As a new parent, comforting your baby is one of your highest priorities, and you may find a pacifier very helpful.

Also, a pacifier habit is easier to break than a thumb-sucking habit. After all, you can dispose of a binky!

Once your child is two or three years old, it’s time to phase out the soother to avoid adverse dental effects. Underlying changes to the jawbone usually don’t start until around age four, and the hard palette isn’t fused until about ages six to eight. But if you worry, you can talk with your dentist to confirm.

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Best pacifier for baby


Best for: Babies and parents who are easily losed pacifier

Top benefits: Paci-Plushies holder compatible with most brand pacifier (Nuk. Chicco, Avent soothie) and teether

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Nuk Breeze Orthodontic Pacifier

Best for: Babies who are easily distracted by a pacifier's handle.

Top benefits: Uniquely shaped nipple that doesn't stain

Philips Avent Soothie Pacifier

Best for: Parents who are ready to start trying pacifiers and want to start with the simplest option

Top benefits: One-piece construction, high-quality material

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