Hi Lollacup, the modern straw cup for your baby! Bye-bye to sippy cup!

Do you know that some of children found it so difficult to sip from traditional sippy cup? That's when the idea for the Lollacup was born — a straw cup with all the qualities: easy to use, easy to clean, safe (BPA/BPS-, PVC-. Phthalate-free, etc.).

Hi Lollacup, the modern straw cup! Bye-bye to sippy cup!

If you are a Shark Tank’s fans then you must have heard Lollacup before, Hanna and Mark Lim, as founder of Lollacup they have been fans of the show. After running their business two years with full-speed, as many small businesses do, they needed more money to fund our growth, that’s why they decided to enter “the tank.” 

Since appearing on Shark Tank and partnering with Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec, Lollacup has grown tremendously.  Lollacup has grown into Lollaland. Lollaland - modern and innovative infant/toddler goods that are functional and fun.

If you conduct a basic internet search about transitioning your child from the breast/bottle to a sippy cup or a straw, you'll find a slew of articles written about the advantages of straw use in infants and toddlers.

The use of straw for infants and toddlers is recommended by pathologists, pediatricians, dentists and many other parents.

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Things you must know about Lollacup

  • Recommended for 9+ months
  • Holds up to 296 ml of liquid
  • All materials and parts are FDA-approved
  • BPA and phthalate free
  • Made in the USA: All parts are manufactured, assembled, and packaged in the USA
  • Easy to clean and includes a straw-cleaning brush
  • All parts are recyclable

Lollacup’s minimal parts make the cup easy to clean.

Straw-cleaning brush are included for added convenience, straw replacement pack for Lollacup are available to purchase.

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Wondering how to clean Lollacup properly? Clean all parts thoroughly with soap and water before first use and after each subsequent use. Hand washing is recommended. Do not microwave, boil, or steam sterilize Lollacup or any part of Lollacup.

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Lollacup is a worldwide famous straw cup brand.

Made in USA and booming in Indonesia and Taiwan. We are welcoming reseller to distribute throughout the Asia to be our Lollacup reseller, let us know you by sending us a greeting email.

For those who would like to purchase Lollacup, we currently have distributor for Lollacup in Taiwan and Vietnam. If you are located in Japan and Thailand, leave us a message, let us build our partnership!

There is no better adventure than to be a child growing up, experiencing life for the first time.
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